Preparation and execution for this particular assignment served as an exceptionally valuable learning experience. Upon completion, I learned the importance of research, experimentation, and understanding the relationship between dialogue and visuals.

To accurately establish a relationship with the viewer, I shot in various different locations using distinct shot sizes. Additionally, my video uses a mix of natural sound, background music, and dialogue to effectively convey the interviewee’s emotions.

Filming this video proved to be both challenging and memorable.  With the province of Ontario under lockdown, my plans of filming indoors were quickly re-evaluated. Learning to develop and employ various editing strategies was among one of the biggest outcomes in working on the project. As a result, I felt more confident using graphics, masking textboxes, and using sound effects.

My video prominently uses essential graphics to help convey information and keep viewers engaged. The decision to use two background tracks was made to help establish a change in focus; while the first half of the video focuses heavily on recreational activities, the second half addresses Brampton’s economic status and housing situation.

 My explainer video features the use of a green screen and various chroma keying techniques. This allowed me to explore the exciting opportunity of physically filming myself and thus, helps establish a stronger connection with the viewers. Additionally, I learned to utilize a masking technique that allows text to follow behind objects.

Various shots contrast with one another in an attempt to establish a stark difference between being outdoors and gaming. The outdoor shots are significantly brighter than the scenes shot indoors. This also helps play into the stereotypes of gamers being socially inept.

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